The subject of ghost has often been dismissed as a mere credulous belief but in this video contained in our report, your viewpoint about this debatable topic could be altered.

Of course for centuries, we have been entertained via movies on the premise that ghost exist and it’s not surprising majority of people believe in their existence.

A ghost has allegedly invaded an ancient school situated in the Republic of Ireland and the video has made it way to the social media domain already. It happened some time back but it didn’t much attention as now.

In the previous short clip one could see doors opening unannounced, things falling down and some strange noises being made in the school’s hallway.

Now, another video has has come to the fore and it does seem that the ‘ghost is back’. The recent video shows chairs moving on their own and bags tumbling down from the storage.

The school that was founded in 1828 is one of the oldest schools on the south side of Cork.

Watch video here:

Photo/video credit: Youtube