Efia odo has once again sparked her beef with Sista Afia as she mocks her in a new video.

We all thought their beef had ended but Efia odo has given us a new reason to think they are still ‘enemies’. Efia odo once described The ‘Slay Queen’ hit maker as a ‘Hippopotamus’ some time ago when they were beefing.

Sista Afia posted a video of herself showcasing her butts and touched her butts to prove that there were no hip pads but in the process, her underwear showed and her industry rival used that as her new mocking topic.

Efia posted on Snapchat;

”Your buttlifter is showing sis”

Sista Afia has been in the news for saying that she will open up a restaurant aside music and her employees would serve customers in bikinis.

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