Rapper E.L and Sarkodie were the closest of buddies in the early stages of their respective career. They worked on one of the biggest song in the history of hip-life titled, You Go Kill Me in 2010.

However, the pair have fallen out lately as illustrated by E.L who revealed in an interview with Giovanni Caleb that all attempts to work with Sarkodie in a new joint has proved futile. E.L said Sarkodie has failed to return his numerous calls and messages in that regard.

When Giovanni Caleb probed further to know if Sarkodie has any issue with him, E.L replied in the negative. Well, Sarkodie gave us a subtle clue on why he’s adamant on collaborating with his colleague. Jumping on Jaden Smith’s version of ‘Icon’, King Sark revealed that most of his colleagues in the game are fake which explains why he has refused to answer E.L calls.

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One of the verse in the song goes, Mo Fake Suban Nti, I No Dey Like Calls Picking which means it’s due to your fake lifestyles that’s why I do not pick your calls.

So there you have it! You don’t any soothsayer to interpret this as a direct allusion to E.L’s situation. If you think we are making a fuss about this, just listen carefully to his ‘flow’ below.

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