Mr Kwarteng, father of late dancehall diva, Ebony Reigns is now embarking on a TV tour to clear himself and expose the lies of Bullet, Ebony’s manager.

Mr Kwarteng earlier this week claimed that Bullet had given him 2,000 cedis from the almost 40,000 cedis raised from Ebony’s tribute concert which was organized by Bullet.

Though I believe Bullet took what Mr Kwarteng said out of context, he further went ahead to say he was no longer interested in managing any affairs of the late Ebony Reigns who died in February through a car crash earlier this year after going to visit her mother.

Mr Kwarteng was on Ghone TV’s Rhythm show with Regina Van Helvert and presented a list of some artistes Bullet claimed to have paid to perform at Ebony’s tribute concert. Mr Kwarteng however said he doesn’t know if the list was authentic or not and further said he was not being a greedy father is he’s being painted.

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Live on the show, Keche’s manager, George Britton was phoned and asked if they were paid any amount of money before his artistes performed at Ebony’s tribute concert which he denied ever being paid for his artistes to perform. According to George, his artistes, Keche performed freely at the concert because they were doing it to support the late Ebony Reigns.

Artistes Bullet Claimed To Have Paid


Two other artistes who’s name appeared on the list submitted to Mr Kwarteng by Bullet, Kurl Songx and Raquel were phoned live on the show and they both also denied taking any money from Bullet to perform at Ebony’s tribute concert.

According to Raquel’s manager, he was the one who called Bullet and asked that they wanted to support Ebony by letting Raquel perform freely at the concert so he was surprised that Bullet claims he paid Raquel 1,000 cedis to perform at late Ebony’s tribute concert.

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It’s uncertain if Bullet actually is cheating Mr Kwarteng, though we wait to hear Bullet’s side of the story.

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