All You Need to Know About West Hills Mall

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West Hills Mall is one of the most popular malls in Ghana and West Africa with a size of 27 700m². The shopping center was awarded the best honors in the International Developments category in the 2015 SAPOA property development awards for innovative excellence in South Africa.

The mall is located at Dukonah, Kasoa, on the Cape Coast Highway from Accra and near Weija.

It was officially commissioned in 2012 and after close to two (2) years (22 months), was ceremonially inaugurated in October 2014 by the then President John Dramani Mahama accompanied by the Togolese president, Faure Gnassingbe.

The ultra-modern facility publicly opened its doors to enthusiastic shoppers on November 25th, 2014. The name West Hills Mall has since gained a stellar reputation as one of the best retail centers in Ghana. The center houses several big names in retail such as Edgars, Game, Palace, Shoprite, and 59 other shops. Located just 30 minutes away from Central Accra, the mall is a blend of the West and the East areas of Accra. 

The ultra-modern design was an effort to bring comfort, convenience, and the local feel to the shopping experience. Divided into three (3) main areas, the West Hills Mall has an aisle that allows shoppers and visitors to move around the East, West, and Central parts of the shopping complex. 

The main shopping areas are the East and West areas of the mall. The central zone of the complex is reserved as a place to have fun and enjoy the scenery. The facility has a food court, a courtyard, and recreational facilities.

Only 30 minutes away (and 20km away from Accra Mall) from the busy nature of central Accra, the mall has a certain air that gives families and individuals the best shopping experience in the country.

The Facades of the complex were carefully designed to blend with the natural landscape characterized by the area. The location was picked and structured in the spirit of learning from the often congested traffic at the current Accra Mall. And when you find your way into the mall, you will find it has enough parking spaces with a 1,725 capacity.

The West Hills Mall has the advantage of the ease of flow of vehicles in and out of the facility, thanks to the dedicated underpass bridge on the highway. 

At the heart of what a shopping center, or a mall, means is that you can find anything you want to buy. And West Hills does a good job at that.

Your drive to the serene area will be more than rewarding with access to a wide variety of retailers, service providers like MTN, Rent Air, Delles Forex Bureau, and Jays Auto Spa, and restaurants like Barcelos, Chicken Inn, Creamy Inn, Pizza Inn and The Addo’s, fashion brands and stores like Aha, Spero, AJ Boaz, and Jocent, entertainment centers like Fun4Kids, Silverbird Cinema and Vulcano VIP Casino, electronics stores like Compu Ghana, Telefonika and Electronics Hub, Health facilities like Divine Organic Hub, Scentopia, Maybelline, and Diagnostic Center and several other facilities and stores. 


Ghana is a diverse place, but festivities bring us together. During festivities like Christmas, the Mall joins its customers to celebrate, make merry and have fun. At various festivities, “Sala” and “Christmas”, the center is often packed with celebrants who have marked the mall as the perfect destination for family time, social activities, and fun.


The mall takes part in making these festivities much more enjoyable by putting together Karaoke nights, and “Make a Wish” campaigns to grant the wishes of customers, and you bet the kids are never left out. In December 2019, the mall hosted the children’s reality singing competition, Nsroma, which brought smiles to kids and their parents. At its heart, West Hills mall is all about family and they make sure to give that experience.  


West Hills Mall is owned by two entities; The majority holder of the facility is Delico Property Development Limited (owned by South African company Atterbury Africa Holdings) with 60% ownership and the remaining 40% is owned by Social Security and National Insurance Trust (SSNIT). The shopping center was constructed by the South African contractor, WBHO Construction Pty Ltd, costing US$93 million or R1.25 billion to construct.


The architects behind the largest mall in West Africa are the Ghanaian-based Mobius Architecture (Augustus Richardson) supervised the construction design and detailing of the facility and the South African-based ARC Architects in Pretoria.


The construction of the facility was executed by WBHO Construction Pty Ltd and Delico Property Development Limited (owner). The original and current West Hills mall is 27 700m², but not forever. The developers have plans to take it to the next level with a 7,000 square meter expansion of the mall giving it a total of 34,700m² when the final vision has been completed.  


How to Get to The West Hills Mall

The mall is 30 minutes from the Central Business District of Accra, 38 minutes from the Kotoka International Airport, and about 20 km from the Accra Mall. It is located on the Accra – Cape Coast Highway near Weija at Dukonah, in Kasoa.


The shopping center serves as a bridge between the West and East of Accra. The facility is accessible from anywhere. And whether you are driving, using a ride-sharing service such as Uber, Bolt, or Yango, or you prefer the typical Accra “Trotro” ride experience, you can easily get to the West Hills Mall although at varied times during relative delays on the journey. Be rest assured that your 30 minutes journey is worth it as the mall is the most preferred shopping destination in Ghana serving thousands of shoppers and hosting close to 70 shops. 


What To Do At The West Hills Mall


Of course! The West Hills Mall is primarily a shopping center with a unique experience, blending local and international shops to provide shoppers with the best from all over the world. Whether you are grocery shopping or looking to get great outfits for your next party, the West Hills is the place you can walk in and get whatever you want. 

Shops to Lookout for at the West Hills Mall

Game, Shoprite, Aha!, AJ Boaz,  Bata, Grosvenor, Jocent, Mr Price, Mv Accessories, Nallem, Tessori, UK Brands, Woodin, Ashfoam, Banana Home, A J Boaz Furniture, Compu Ghana, Electronics Hub, Hisense, Starlite, Telefonika, and ZKTeco Experience Center.

Fun, Gaming, and Entertainment

Fun and shopping make for a good time. But include gaming, and you have something going on. The West Hills Mall has all of them which is why both parents, kids, and the entire family love to visit the mall. Whether on holidays, weekends, “personal time” or vacations, the West Hills Mall can help you meet all of your needs.

The complex recently added to its facilities a gaming center. If you are a hard-core gamer or a casual gamer, you are sure to feel at home, meet fellow gamers and have fun socializing with friends. Included in the gaming center are video games, Snooker, and board games including local staples like Oware. 

The mall is a great place to have fun. For holidays, weekends, and even regular days, you can have fun to the max. You can bring the entire family as there are facilities for all ages and interests. 

Fun facilities to look out for at the West Hills

Fun4Kids, Silverbird Cinema, Open Air Social Events at the Central Area, and Vulcano Vip Casino


The mall is one of the best places to find food. Whether you are lodging 5 minutes away in the residential area or just craving something special, the mix of local and international cuisine at the center gives you a variety and options to choose from so you can match your mood and satisfy your cravings. 

Eateries and Restaurants to look out for at the West Hills

The Addo’s, Barcelos, Basilissa, Chale Wote, Chicken Inn, Creamy Inn, New York Sizzler, and Pizza Inn

Have Meetups

Enjoy Cinema for romantic dates, and restaurants for hangouts with friends and family. 

Most Physically Demanding Jobs


The West Hills is not only perfectly situated but also arguably the second most popular shopping mall in Ghana and the largest shopping center in West Africa. The architecture easily blends into the scenery that the area gives. Whether you are in one of the nearby residential neighbourhoods or in other parts of Accra, a drive to the West Hills mall will always be rewarded with all the fun, the joy of shopping, and the perfect family experience you can think of. 

FAQs About The West Hills Mall – Greater Accra, Ghana.

What Is The Largest Mall In Ghana?

The West Hills mall in Kasoa is the largest mall in Ghana with a size of 27 700m² followed by the Accra Retail Centre (Accra Mall) with a size of 20,000 m2. The West Hills Mall was originally planned to be expanded into a 34,700m² facility. 

Who Is The Owner Of Accra Mall?

The Accra Mall is owned by Atterbury Property Development (Part owners of West Hills Mall through Delico Property Development Limited), Sanlam, and the Owusu-Akyaw Family. 

What Is The Size Of West Hills Mall?

The West Hills Mall is currently 27 700m² with plans to expand to 34,700m². 

Which Country Has The Biggest Mall In West Africa?

The West Hills mall in Accra, Ghana is the largest mall in West Africa with a size of 27 700m² followed closely by the Nigerian $83 million 22,000 m2 Novare Lekki galleria in Lagos. 

Who Built West Hills Mall?

The West Hills Mall was constructed by WBHO Construction Pty Ltd and Delico Property Development Limited (owner). 

Who Is The Owner Of Accra Mall?

Delico Property Development Limited and SSNIT

When Is West Hills Mall Open?

The West Hills Mall opened for trading and shoppers every day from 10 am to 8 pm. And at the same time on public holidays.

Do You Need To Book In Advance To Visit West Hills Mall?

No, you don’t need to book to visit the West Hills Mall. It is open to the public on weekdays, weekends, and holidays from 10 am to 8 pm.