What To Draw When You Don’t Want To Draw

By Delphine •  Updated: 03/19/22 •  7 min read

You are here because you are looking for something to draw, right? Sometimes we may not feel like drawing but boredom or not having anything to do may cause you to start drawing. Drawing is a great way to engage ourselves and express ourselves when words can’t do a good job. In this article, we’ve listed 18 things you can draw when you don’t want to draw. 

18 things to draw when you don’t want to draw

  1. 3D Wall

Don’t let the name confuse you.  You can draw 3D walls on any surface to create a more interesting appearance. They are not just for walls. If you want to impact the world, then  a 3D Wall design is a good idea. 

In recent years,  this has become a very popular design. You can decorate your home or even your office with a 3D Wall design. It’s not difficult to wrap your head around it and with a little practice,  you can produce amazing designs.  

2. Moon and Stars

The moon can be drawn in many different ways thus, making it a good deal for drawing especially when you don’t want to draw.  The stars are also fun to draw because they can take different shapes like hearts, circles and many more. 

3. Rose

As a flower, Rose has many different meanings and forms making it a nice thing to draw. 

It can symbolize purity, love,  beauty and sometimes, death.  Roses look good on paper and are very fun to draw.

4. Leaf

Drawing a leaf should come easy to you because it’s one of the easiest things to draw. You can start by drawing an oval shape at the top of your page.  

The next is to draw lines coming out from the bottom of it. You can then add in the veins with curved lines going across each other. Let them curve slightly towards each end and then add in the little bumps on either side of them at their ends. 

They will look good if you lined up the next to one another or you make different leaves. 

5. Skull

In the past, skulls were used to represent the hidden soul in ancient Egypt.  They also symbolize power, bravery, mystery and sometimes, greediness. 

The truth is, they have been a part of human culture for centuries. In some cultures, skulls might be seen as a sign that death is inevitable and should not be feared.  

If you don’t feel like drawing,  this is just a perfect idea to go with and if it’s around the Halloween season, it makes it even better. 

6. French Fries

There are many things you can consider drawing and one of such is French fries! They are easy and fun to draw. 

This dish is a global favorite and drawing it is a lot of fun.  

7. Draw Flowers

There are many ways to enjoy drawing and although you do not get to produce a masterpiece easily,  you can enjoy the art in many different ways. 

We all love flowers and they are one of such things. Flowers make a lot for people happy and they are also very beautiful . The most important thing here is that they are very easy to draw.  

8. Mandala

Drawing a Mandala is like drawing your own world. It is a Sanskrit word for circle. Aside from this, it also symbolizes balance and unity in the universe. 

They are often used to help one get through tough times and also find peace of mind, so if you are in a good mood, drawing Mandalas can be such a good idea.

9. Ace of Spade

Drawing an ace of spade is a nice idea to start with when it comes to drawing.  It can be drawn in must three lines, it is a simple shape and you will definitely enjoy drawing it. 

An ace of Spade can be used as a card suit in some card games such as solitaire or poker. 

Aside from this, it also represents the card value on most traditional Western playing cards.

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10.  Car

It doesn’t matter if you are good with cars or not, you can try drawing your favorite car. You just have to relax and enjoy yourself drawing one of your favorite cars as it can be done in many different ways you want.  

11. Stick Figure

Stick figures are the most primitive form of drawing and they are the simplest and easiest ways to draw as well. 

This form of drawing comes easy to children who want to draw even when they cannot write. This doesn’t not mean drawing stick figures are solely for children or that they are childish. You can draw them too and create some nice things out of them.

12. Doodles

Doodles are a good way for both children and adults to express their creativity.  Drawing doodles shouldn’t come with any specific meanings.  

The truth is, you don’t need any special skills or a fancy set of materials to draw a doodle. With just a pair and pen, you can make an amazing drawing.  

13. Anchor

Anchors date way back. They were used as a form of protection and mostly used by ancient Egyptians who used them for their ships. Today,  there are many different types of anchors that have been designed for various purposes over time. Drawing a picture of an anchor is a nice way to keep you engaged and overcome boredom.  

14. Trees

Trees are an independent art form. They are a gift from God. There are so many cool things that can be done with a tree and there are many types for trees you can draw too. 

Trees have been long used in paintings and sculpture.  

15. Fruits

You can always try drawing fruits, it’s one of the relaxing things to draw. The truth is, drawing can help you get your stress out of the way and make you feel better after doing it. 

16. Robot

Robots, with time,  have become simple and cool things to draw. There are many kinds of robots with various backgrounds that are very cool to draw.

17. Skyline

With a little practice,  you can draw a skyline as it is fun and easy. A skyline includes the drawing of the profile of buildings in the foreground. It can be done in any medium. You can draw it using paint or just pencils.  

18. Cute Aliens

You can have fun drawing an alien. We know aliens are not easily seen. Many believe they are just trying to get a message across but need our help. 

You can get creative and draw faces that are unlike anything you’ve seen. 

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Wrapping up,

You definitely have a great list of things to draw, what a great way of overcoming boredom! You can use pencil, charcoal or crayon- just make sure you enjoy yourself and express yourself in the best way possible. Happy drawing!