Which fashion items are worth the splurge?

2019 fashion trends

Never make the error of getting hooked up in the process of overspending on fashion items that you will merely use once or twice. You must know what is worth your hard-earned money and what is a total waste of one. Today, we have created a list of items that you should splurge on without the least guilt.


T-shirts are a staple item –


Too many brands are out there that promise effortlessly cool cuts, chic graphics, and ultra-soft fabrics. Choose these staple items but don’t pay a lot of price for them. You will end up using these items a lot which means plenty of washes which in turn means short-lived shelf life.


Jeans –


When you pay a good amount of money on a premium quality denim, it means indestructible. You don’t even need to go around washing your jeans every time you put them on. Invest your money on jeans and look for the latest designs and comfortable fit when you do so.


Bras –


A good quality bra will place the foundation of your outfit. Choose bras that you can make the most of and always measure yourself before you do so.


Black Pants –


Something that works round the clock and will come in handy at all times is a pair of black pants. You can wear it to the office, formal events, or casual get-togethers. When you care for it properly, it will last you ages.


Leather Jacket –


A classic wear which will outlast all the other fashion wear. You can splurge your money on this piece of fashion, without thinking twice because it is sure to be in trend even after a decade. It is recommended that you go for a classic design and colour, and it will be one of the top fashions even in the coming years. The incredible thing about a leather jacket is that the style will remain constant over the years.

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Wool Sweaters –


Sweaters are the piece of clothing that will come to use every year during the fall and winter season. A good woollen sweater will be in good shape till the end of time and will not let you down in any way. You don’t need to bother about the fabric beginning to wear off or any tears. Make a good investment by buying a great woollen sweater. It is a one-time splurge since a good quality woollen sweater will be perfect even after a couple of years. The most attractive part about woollen sweaters is that it is comfortable and in fashion through the decades.


Summer Sandals –


A pair of summer sandals is a must-have for every girl. If you are having doubts on whether or not you should invest in the buying that cute pair of summer sandals then here’s a suggestion, stop thinking and buy it. Summer sandals are very comfortable and often a great match for many outfits. They look chic and fashionable if they are paired with the proper clothing. They might be called Summer Sandals, but the good thing about them is they are attractive wear for other seasons too. You have to pick the right pair of Summer Sandals, and you are ready to set a fashion statement for the coming times.

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Sunglasses –


Sunglasses are the part of fashion styling that has stuck around since ages now, and they will not be out of fashion anytime soon either. You can spend your money on buying the perfect pair of sunglasses without thinking twice because it will get you through many occasions. Sunglasses are something that can be paired up with almost any piece of clothing, and they will still manage to look classy. So, go ahead and make the right investigation on the correct sunglasses which suits your face cut.


Tailored White Blouse –


What is better than a white blouse stitched to fit you perfectly? The answer is nothing! Every girl needs to have that white blouse tailored to perfection which can be an ideal match for almost every occasion that you have to attend. You can splurge your money on this item and go for the perfect blouse that fits you to the smallest of the detailing, and it is guaranteed to be one of the most promising purchases you will have made. A perfectly tailored blouse is fit for any day, from attending a business meeting or having a night out with your friends, this blouse will cover them all. It will make you look classy and set a style statement when you walk in.



These are the items worth the splurge and you can always avail the Taking Shape coupon code to get the best of fashion at the best of prices.