Which sunglasses suit which face type?


When you are deciding on buying sunglasses, then the shape of your face matters a lot. This way you will find not only a pair that is more functional but also one that has a better fit. The sunglasses that fit better are incredibly stylish. People devote too much of time in trying to find the right sunglass for themselves, some they find attractive when they look at it but awful when they try to it. To wear the right sunglass, you need to buy as per the shape of your face.


To proceed, you must do the three basic things –


  • Use a tape and measure from one cheekbone to another. Then one end of the jawbone to the other. The width of your forehead from one end of the hairline to the other and finally from the centre of your hairline to your chin.
  • Calculate the shape of your face.
  • Look for sunglasses according to your size.



Now, that you have finished the task of measuring the shape of your face, it is time to proceed with the right choice.  To get amazing discounts on sunglasses, use Glue Store coupon code.


Round shape –


Round face means less defined angles and extremely noticeable curves. You need to buy shades that lack curved features and help to make your face look elongated. Choose frames in square, rectangle, shield, and wrap. With a round face, you have opportunities to show off your style as the width as well as the height of your face is equivalent. Go for wayfarers and rectangular shaped sunglasses since they can make your face look thinner and longer. Make sure you don’t miss on buying the right shades to flaunt your feminine features.

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Square shape –


Those with similar length and width across have a square face. It means a broader forehead. Choose round, butterfly, or aviators for square shape. It is worth mentioning that people with square shaped face are counted into bold features, as their jawline is the best. Square shaped face has the advantage of trying different shapes of sunglasses starting from round to semi-rimless to cat eye to oval. Not just the eyes but these sunglasses help put up a strong jawline as well. So, if you have a style statement to create then walk out wearing sunglasses that suit your square face the best.


Rectangular faces or oblong ones should choose wayfarer, square, shield, and wrap sunglasses. Since they don’t just hide away the excess instead, they add up to the style quotient helping you look great.


Heart shape –


These faces are broad at the temple and narrow towards the chin. Rimless, aviators, butterfly, and shield will look the best on you. The correct pair of sunglasses can make you look good whether you are chilling by the beach or enjoying a day out with your friends. Also, choose from sunglasses that have thin temple frames and frames whose bottoms are exaggerated.


Oval shape –


Someone with an oval shaped face has more full cheekbones, but their jawline is narrow, so when it comes to choosing sunglasses then they stand a lucky chance with loads of options. Upswept styles are best as they complement the higher cheekbones. Then rectangular frames are also your best match as their horizontal orientation fits best on an oval face. Sunglasses available for Oval shaped faces have currently become a trending thing; they have become the hot sellers. So, you can find them anywhere.

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Triangle shape –


A triangular shaped face has a narrow chin and a broad forehead, the face is long and not necessarily wide. So, when you are shopping for sunglasses look for frames that have a wide bottom, go for rimless frame styles. Even stylists suggest that one should try light coloured frames as they not only make you look sexy, but they can help you reveal your beautiful eyes too. The idea is to bring a playful balance that seems stylish and can match up with the shape of your face.


These are the face shapes depending upon which sunglasses are designed in the market, so when you are trying one or buying one from a store or online then you will be asked to define your face shape, and then you will be shown glasses depending upon the same. Also, one shouldn’t forget trying sunglasses before buying them. Moreover, a sunglass should match your face and compliment it instead of highlighting the loopholes. It is a quick guide to buying sunglasses.