Woman Calls Partner A ‘Pig’ After Catching Him Cheating On Her

Every good relationship is based on trust. Without it, things probably aren’t going to work out as well as you’d hope.

Things are probably most tense when you start seeing someone – how well do you know them, what are they really like, have they cheated before? Basically, it can take a while before you know where you are with someone.

However, one thing is for certain: if you find yourself asking a bunch of YouTubers to go undercover to catch your partner cheating on you, then things really are doomed.

Well, one woman seems to disagree and thinks it’s perfectly normal behaviour.

After enlisting the help of the good people at To Catch A Cheater – to catch her now-ex-boyfriend cheating on her, unsurprisingly – she asked them again to set up a secret camera and check whether her new beau was also up to no good.

This time they arranged for a young gym instructor to bump into her partner while he was working out, to see if he would fall for her charms.

Things got a bit steamy between the boyfriend and the personal trainer. Credit: To Catch a Cheater/Youtube

At the beginning of the video the unnamed woman, who has recently moved to Mexico City, seems fairly confident in her new man, claiming that Mexican men treat women differently.

But her boyfriend hadn’t met trainer Andrea before, had he?

The hidden camera shows her partner pumping some serious iron – nothing untoward so far. Then Andrea comes in and begins doing some stretches, before taking it upon herself to give the man a hand with his workout.

Things then escalate very quickly and within a matter of seconds the personal trainer is stood behind the unsuspecting boyfriend, spanking him. Fairly unprofessional behaviour, I’d say.

“You want to work out muscle? Can you feel it? You feel it,” she says as she smacks his buttocks.

The girlfriend watched on in horror as he partner flirted with another woman. Credit: To Catch a Cheater/Youtube

His aghast girlfriend watches on in horror as the pair hit it off, engaging in small talk, complimenting each other’s bodies, and she even straddles his chest as he lies on the bench press. Which he doesn’t seem to mind at all.

And if things weren’t going badly enough, the guy puts the final nail in his coffin when she asks for his number and he obliges – claiming not to have a girlfriend.

She says: “You don’t have a girlfriend right?”

Bearing in mind that he definitely does, he says: “No.”

Then at the end things take a bizarre turn when the pair have a very uncomfortable conversation about ‘meat’. Very, very weird.

Safe to say the girlfriend was less than impressed with how how man had behaved.

When he denies that anything happened, she bellows down the phone: “You are a son of a bitch!’

“Shut up! You’re a liar! You’re a pig! Pig! Men are pigs!”

Difficult to know who to side with here, to be honest.

Featured Image Credit: To Catch a Cheater/Youtube

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