Woman Develops Vitiligo Weeks Before Her Wedding, What Her Boyfriend Did Will Melt Your Heart


A 38-year-old woman developed vitiligo some few weeks to her wedding ceremony and what her husband to be did will melt your heart. Kandice Benford and Elliott Benford were preparing to tie the knot when vitiligo hit Kandice.

She said:

“I first noticed the white spots on my body when I was in college. I knew what it was because I had heard about vitiligo. But it never occurred to me that it could affect me this way, so I didn’t even bother about it.”


“I believe stress triggered it. When I got stressed up I started seeing more prominent white spot on my nose. Then it started spreading all over,”

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Unfortunately, Elliot was also sick at the time vitiligo hit his sweetheart and planning of the wedding was quite hectic for both of them.

Kandice felt embarrassed by the new color of her skin but her boyfriend did something extraordinary, he was very supportive to his wife to be and this is what she had to say about him.


“He convinced me that there was nothing to worry about. He said I was still beautiful, with or without vitiligo. That gave be hope and courage to face the world.”

They eventually got married as planned and this is the advice Kandice gave people who are in the same situation as her.

“Be patient with yourself. You are stronger than you think!”

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