Woman Gives Birth To Twins But One Is A Year Older Than The Other


This is really a bizarre story where a twin is a year older than his other twin brother, a rare story. Richard Best and his lovely wife Rachael had problems with making babies naturally and they resorted to another method which is IVF.

Rachael had 3 miscarriages and 6 failed fertility treatments and they finally decided to go for the IVF. Rachael underwent seven cycles of IVF and finally gave birth to Oliver but the couple surprisingly decided to freeze the remaining embryos in the batch from which Oliver was born.

Few years later, Rachael underwent another IVF and became pregnant with Oliver’s twin brother and gave birth to Isaac.

Surprisingly, Isaac was born in the same month as Oliver, however Isaac was born five days earlier.

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Racheal told SWNS

“When we look at photographs of them at the same age, they do look very similar.”

“We do regard them as twins, but it’s a bit surreal. We say they are big twin and little twin.”

“It was very emotional when we had Oliver because we never thought it would happen to us,” she said. “Oliver is really good with Isaac.

According to the couple, the two have a strong bond, however, I’m still finding it difficult to believe if they are really twins.