Woman Who Lost Nine Stone Rejects Men Who Used To Bully Her In School

A teacher who lost nine stone after being bullied at school has said that the boys that used to pick on her now ask her out.

Elizabeth Jobson, 23, was once a size 26, weighed over 20 stone and hid snacks all around her house, but managed to get her weight down to just over 11 stone.

“It’s a massive difference. I am delighted,” she said.

Credit: Kennedy News and Media

“I tell them where to go straight away.”

She was mercilessly bullied in school and, despite trying Weight Watchers as a teenager, failed to control her weight.

“A lot of my friends I had in secondary school I’m not friends with now because since I lost the weight they just drifted away,” she explained.

Credit: Kennedy News and Media
Credit: Kennedy News and Media

“I think they must have liked me for being the fat friend that was just there. I was the token fat friend in the group.”

She made the change to her life after booking a holiday with her uni mates and feeling like she would never be able to be seen in a bikini.

She imposed an eating curfew – nothing after 6pm – and cut out snacks completely, planning meals with her mother to cut weight together.

“I was able to go on holiday and wear a bikini and everything which I probably haven’t done since I was about five. I used to hate swimming – I just hated it,” says Elizabeth.

“It was a really nice holiday. My friend is quite petite as well but I didn’t feel out of place.

“We’ve got loads of pictures and I just look like her. I look the same size as her and everything.

“It’s hard because it took me a year to lose all the weight and I saw myself in the mirror every day, so even now looking at myself I still feel as though I’m quite big compared to everyone.

“But then when I look at a before and after picture it just shows how different I am.

“It takes other people to compliment me and say I look good because I don’t think there’s a massive change.

“I’m still the same person – I still have the same personality and like the same things. It’s just my body has completely changed.”

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