WWE Wrestlers That Were Once Stars – What Do They Do Today?

Some people may wonder what is so special about WWE that it has such a huge following. For the fans, there is an easy answer to the question. It is not only about wrestling or about athletes showing off their amazing fitness levels. There are so many layers to it, including storylines, heroes and villains, mystery and so on and so forth. It is basically a story being told in a ring instead of in a theatre. People have compared WWE to a soap opera before, and we may have to agree on that one. It has been and will probably remain popular as time goes by, and that is the reason why we have decided to compile a list of professional wrestlers and their net worth and what they are up to now. From those still in the business to those who have retired, or unfortunately passed away. Prepare for some enormous numbers.


Scott Oliver Hall or Razor Ramon went professional back in the 1980s, but not until 1990s that he had finally managed to make it big and debuted in his first WCW and WWF.

From that point onward he managed to win the title of the WWF Intercontinental Champion four times. He is currently struggling with his health and has been in the hospital numerous times for things like double pneumonia, seizures, and low blood pressure.